Structural initiatives

Inspired by global best practices, stimulated by an ongoing dialog with its citizens, Montréal, Smart and Digital City is working in nine key areas to make Montréal a world renowned leader among smart and digital cities by 2017.

Since its creation in 2014, the Smart and Digital City Office has spearheaded a rigorous initiative that’s helped it identify what really matters to Montréalers.

In a collaborative approach, the experience and ingenuity of our citizens, our municipal employees, public institutions and corporations has been put to contribution in order to develop a know-how in terms of innovation and to contribute to the emergence of original solutions to urban problems.

Technology is used is used to leverage economic growth and make concrete improvements to Montrealers’ quality of life. The Smart and Digital City office focuses on nine areas of activity:

1. Develop the telecommunications network

“Digital” has become synonymous with “connected”. Hence the keen desire to make Wi-Fi access available throughout the city. As for its wired networks, the city is encouraging development of high speed services to every residence and business. As well, telecom networks will be integrated in urban planning in a systematic fashion.

2. Champion open data

The city is bursting with a wealth of useful data that can simplify the daily lives of its citizens, from swimming pool schedules to snow removal information. The more this information is made available publicly, the more it can be used to its full potential.

3. Upgrade technological architecture

Every day in every corner of the city, hundreds of systems are in operation. Whether it involves transportation or access to municipal services, citizens deal with a single administration. However, the information carried by these systems all too often remains compartmentalized. By facilitating the flow of information between systems, data sharing is enhanced and the systems themselves become more intelligent. The Three-Year Capital Works Program (TCWP) will be put to good use to bring the city’s technology architecture up to speed to better promote data sharing.

4. Co-develop solutions with the community

Montréalers are in no way lacking in ideas or talent. Once they rally around a cause, they know how to come up with concrete solutions. Businesses, public institutions, universities and individuals thus will be invited to come together to help find and assess solutions to the daily challenges in our lives.

5. Optimize travel

Montréalers are people in constant motion. Mobility becomes one of the key elements in our quality of life and economic prosperity. The real time collection, treatment and sharing of data will help enhance transportation fluidity and optimize travel. Finding the right route and mode of transportation will become that much easier!

6. Grow available digital services

Montréalers are among the most plugged-in people on earth and will directly benefit from digital services made available to them by their city. Faster and more effective, municipal services will adapt and become so much more accessible!

7. Develop sites for innovation and learning

“Public innovation labs” will bring together citizens who want to test drive new public services. Close to home and part of the public library network, Montréalers will be invited to workshops to get to know these digital tools better. After all, who better than a citizen to test the city’s newest mobile app?

8. Reinforce a culture of transparency and accountability

Montréalers want greater transparency from their elected officials. Thanks to new technologies, they will now have full access to public debates, the main municipal performance indicators, whether these regard budgets, how projects are progressing or level of service. Montréalers will never be closer to those they elected.

9. Promote a burgeoning, state-of-the-art sector

To maximize the economic returns of the smart city, we need to encourage entrepreneurs, attract outside talent and promote cross-pollination between research, industry, venture capital, investors and start-ups. In this way Montréal will become an enormous laboratory that nurtures local talent, developing technology solutions together with them which in turn can be exported, all while creating and protecting jobs locally.