Smart Cities Challenge

Smart Cities Challenge

The Challenge is a set of projects and partners at the center of a community driven by the desire to rethink the city together and to experiment innovative solutions to the challenges of access to food, mobility and municipal regulations, in order to improve the quality of life of citizens. The approach is based on a responsible use of data supporting decisions, citizen participation and collaboration. It aims to make travel more efficient and provide more healthy and local food, especially for the vulnerable.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a competition initiated by the Government of Canada in which the City of Montreal won the 1st prize of $ 50 million for carrying out innovative projects. Its Montreal component is managed by the Montreal Urban Innovation Lab (LIUM). The team acts as promoter of the Challenge and coordinates the implementation of projects led by 14 partner organizations.

Over the next few months, Montreal will be reborn from a health, social and economic crisis, the outcome, impact and extent of which are difficult to predict. The Challenge is at the heart of Montreal's revival, anchored in projects that will help make Montreal a more resilient city.



In short

  • 14 projects: 4 in mobility, 6 in food, 3 in open data, 1 in municipal regulations
  • 21 project partners
  • $ 50 million over 5 years

Our partners

Learn more about the process, the projects and the partners who shaped the Montreal proposal by consulting the application file on Making MTL.


About Canada's Smart Cities Challenge

Canada's Smart Cities Challenge is a country-wide competition from Infrastructure Canada that is open to communities of all sizes, including municipalities, regional governments and Aboriginal communities. It aims to encourage the adoption of smart city approaches to improve the quality of life for residents through innovation, data and connected technologies.