Open Data


Montréal considers that open data is central to attaining its objectives not only in matters of transparency and economic development, but also in meeting urban challenges. The city produces and uses data in its internal activities, as well as in the services it provides to its citizens. The more data is made public and shared with the community, the more it will be exploited to its full potential within Montréal’s booming ecosystem.  

This approach to open data reflects the city’s desire to encourage collaboration not only for improved organisational efficiency but also in support of the development of value-added tools that will improve service to its citizens. It also aims to develop citizen engagement. It is within this context that the new Open Data Policy was adopted in December 2015, along with a directive on data governance. Also adopted by the Montréal agglomeration in 2016, this policy’s governing principle is the opening of data by default. Indeed, apart from certain exceptions which limit publication, the city has committed to release all data under its purview.

Armed with this policy, the Lab aims to develop a data-oriented culture both within the organization and within the community at large. Now that important steps towards openness have been made by the city, the Lab wishes to adopt a new open data action plan to guide its interventions and increasingly mobilise the community. The pursuit of Open-by-default and the publication of the city’s data inventory remain pillars of an approach that considers privacy protection and the ethical use of data.

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