In collaboration with its partners, the city aims to create a vast public Wi-Fi network on its territory named “MTLWiFi”. This deployment seeks to create a harmonized experience for public Wi-Fi access and provide uniform performance throughout Montreal’s network. It accomplishes this through a unique visual identifier, a single and simple connection mode and a quality of service that is uniform through all access points. 

Since 2015, the city of Montréal has developed an urban fibre optic infrastructure that allows for the deployment of Wi-Fi access points in selected public spaces on its territory with the aim of offering free Internet connection to its citizens, tourists and business travellers. 

In order to meet the needs of the community, deployment planning is done in collaboration with sector partners: the Quartier de l’innovation, the Quartier des spectacles, Montréal en Histoires, the Palais des Congrès as well as the various services and offices of the city including borough administrations.