Innovative procurement


The functioning of a city rests largely on procurement, or its purchasing of products and services. While the city of Montréal continues to innovate in terms of its internal operations, it is vital that this innovation be supported by adequate procurement. Over the last few years, several government organisations throughout the world have multiplied initiatives aimed at reinforcing the innovative potential of procurement, whether it be through innovation challenges, contractual clauses to support innovation or the integration of experimentation within the tendering process. 

The innovative procurement project aims to evaluate a variety of initiatives from around the world in relation to the city’s objectives, its existing legal framework and the necessity for transparency and an equitable access to public markets, followed by the testing of relevant procurement methods.

It has been decided to test the procedure on parking issues, specifically within the scope of the revitalization of Sainte-Catherine Street. The objective is to discover and test innovative solutions free of any preconceived notions, and analyze their impact before possible implementation. Thus, following a broad internal consultation with city services, and most particularly with procurement and legal services, an international call for expressions of interest aimed at testing innovative parking solutions was issued in May 2019.