Montréal, by and for its citizens

Created in May 2018, the Urban Innovation Lab’s mission is to foster and support the emergence of innovative solutions to major urban challenges. Working together with citizens, city employees and our partners, we strive to provide Montrealers with the tools needed to build a more open, integrated and efficient city. In order to meet this goal, the Lab seeks to become a space for exploration, experimentation and reflection.

Our approach is based on three strategic pillars: the development of innovation-facilitating processes, citizen and stakeholder engagement, and data-driven decision-making. Our multidisciplinary team is comprised of professionals from various backgrounds, possessing diverse expertise. We share a desire to improve the quality of life of all citizens and implement positive and sustainable changes within our community.


Through our actions, we wish to:

★ Accompany the various city departments in their own innovation efforts. We work to define innovation mechanisms which support the city of Montréal’s organizational structure in order to make it more efficient in every sphere of activity.

★ Establish citizen and partner reflection activities and working groups in order to identify the city’s important challenges and cocreate the solutions needed to meet them.

★ Ensure the transparency of the government apparatus both internally and externally, most notably through the open and humane use of data. We support data users and encourage the community to leverage the city’s data in order to generate the maximum amount of social and economic value.