Welcome to the Lab, a space of reflection, development and experimentation. A space dedicated to innovation where all can explore and imagine the outlook of an organization, a city, a future, adapted to today’s challenges.

Created in May 2018, The Lab fosters and supports the creation of innovative solutions emerging from all walks of life. It forms a space in which Montréalers, businesses, municipal employees and partners are invited to co-create a more people-focused, creative, open and efficient city. The Montréal Urban Innovation Lab aims to address the major urban challenges of the 21st century.


━ Accompany the various city departments in their own innovation efforts. We work to define innovation mechanisms which support the city of Montréal’s organizational structure in order to make it more efficient in every sphere of activity.

━ Establish citizen and partner reflection activities and working groups in order to identify the city’s important challenges and cocreate the solutions needed to meet them.

━ Ensure the transparency of the government apparatus both internally and externally, most notably through the open and humane use of data. We support data users and encourage the community to leverage the city’s data in order to generate the maximum amount of social and economic value.

2021 objectives

━ Pursue the implementation of projects relating to mobility and access to food in Montreal in common, the Montreal component of the Smart Cities Challenge, a Government of Canada competition;

━ Launch programs, communications and mobilization activities with the population, paying particular attention to the challenges of the digital divide which worsened during the pandemic;

━ Increase the openings of data sets and support the data ecosystem in Montreal.